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At most educational institutions there are disparate controls systems, meters and sensors for Lighting, HVAC, Environmental, Electrical, Gas and Water all with different reporting mechanisms. All the systems from various school districts for example, provide valuable data that rarely comes together in a universal format easily interpreted by a person. With IBIS you are able to make informed decisions by converting data from various systems into normalized actionable information. IBIS is helping the Educational Sector in responding to rising energy costs with new approaches to centrally managing their energy portfolios. Energy management teams benefit from real-time data, reports and Green Awareness which all help in their efforts to reduce energy consumption.

The typical educational institution is composed of diverse buildings and energy saving challenges. There are computing labs, athletic facilities, solar panels, cogeneration plants, offices etc... IT Staff is increasingly receiving requests to integrate non-standard systems onto the enterprise network. IT staff is rarely familiar with building controls and how to integrate them in a manner that will not compromise their network. IT professionals at IBS are trained and experienced in securely integrating differing protocols such as Internet protocol and BACnet, for example.

IBS has been able to facilitate friendly Green Competitions amongst schools since the introduction of its' Green Awareness Dashboard. The Green Awareness Dashboard provides the opportunity to increase awareness of an organizations' efforts to reduce energy consumption and itsí current results. Moreover, the module is generally displayed on large Digital Displays, which continuously cycle through hundreds of Energy Saving Tips, Real-Time Energy feeds, Organization headlines, Historical data, and various third party information sources. This is one way IBS helps educate your students, employees and visitors on the benefits of environmental awareness and energy efficiency. Now you can help facilitate friendly competition amongst neighboring schools by promoting how green your institution is.

  • Reduction in Energy Consumption
  • Seamless Integration of Disparate Systems
  • Facilities IT Support
  • Social Green Responsibility
  • Rebates & Incentives
  • Multi-Site Operation
  • Centralized HVAC & Lighting Monitoring
  • Increased Occupant Comfort
  • Occupant Based Cooling

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