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Energy Star
Energy Star benchmarking is the first step to a Sustainable Building. By 2010 all California commercial buildings will be mandated to report their Energy Star Scores. Not to worry, IBS will partner with you and find the low hanging fruits that will dramatically improve your score and have you on your way to a Energy Star Certified Building. For those who are just a few points short of being energy Star certified, IBS has a few tricks up their sleeve to help you on your quest towards Energy Star Certification. A hint - real time metering!

LEED metering
Once your Energy Star score begins to increase, you will most likely embark on an exciting journey towards LEED certification. IBS can help guide you on this road. IBS LEED metering and software tools will assist you in collecting up to 36 points towards the latest LEED-EB certification.

Carbon footprint reporting
Do you know a software company or organization that is not developing Carbon Footprint Reduction plan? The answer is probably no, however the main challenge is identifying the right data. By linking Carbon Footprint Reporting to an existing Building Monitoring Solution like IBIS, you are many steps ahead of the competition and only a few away from an accurate Carbon Footprint Reporting solution.