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The Demand Response Program Module is an optional IBIS® Module that provides the opportunity to reduce energy load based on automated, scheduled, or manual inputs. If there is a need to shed load under Emergency Power conditions, then this module will offer the feedback necessary to monitor the load shed controls. The DRP module coupled with the power of IBIS, communicates with existing generators, building controls, lighting systems, fountains and real-time metering to provide you the insight needed to manage & report your energy loads during both curtailment and normal business operations. IBS helps organizations create customized curtailment strategies that ensure reliable performance during events, increase capacity at critical times and alleviates the need to build new plants. The DRP Module also helps utilities meet new regulatory requirements and ensure long-term sustainability. Contact IBS to help your Business/Institution protect their communities from blackouts, avoid the need for new power plants, stabilize energy rates, and earn money today.

  • Automated Load-Shedding
  • Seamless Communication with Utility Providers
  • User Defined DRP Loads
  • Global Overrides
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Reduction of Carbon Emissions
  • DRP Load Monitoring & Trending
  • IT Security & DRP Aggregator Integration

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