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The Carbon Footprint Module is an optional IBIS® Module that enables organizations to identify and implement sustainability initiatives which increase operational efficiency, maximize shareholder value and mitigate risk. Become one of the many customers realizing savings from energy, water and waste reduction strategies while reducing your carbon emissions. The carbon Footprint Module monitors and manages the natural resource consumption and environmental impact of companies and organizations. In addition, it lets organizations monitor expenditures of energy, fossil fuels, water, waste, carbon, and other resources. The Module seamlessly integrates into the IBIS Base Infrastructure which allows it to harness the true power of Real-Time Electric, Gas and Water metering data. Eliminate guessing when it comes to searching for ways to measure and reduce your Green House Gas Emissions. IBIS creates the clear path needed to accurately collect and make sense of data from carbon emissions.

  • Global CO2 Emissions Reporting
  • Monthly, Quarterly & Annual CO2 Data
  • GHG Protocol and WRI Guidelines
  • Direct & Indirect CO2 Emissions
  • Seamless Integration to IBIS Utility Metering
  • Data Entry Screens
  • HDD/CDD Data
  • CO2 Benchmarking & Analysis

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