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The Energy Star Module is one of the optional IBIS® Modules which facilitates and promotes an organization's participation in the EPA supported Energy Star Program. IBS is available to guide you throughout the Energy Star enrollment process. With this optional Energy Star Module, building owners and managers can easily enter online data about the building's energy consumption, hours of operation, number of occupants, location, and other building characteristics. IBIS synchronizes with the Energy Star System which compares each building's energy performance with the performance of similar buildings across the country in real-time. Could you use a simple tool that seamlessly integrates with your current IBIS Base installation and automates the monthly submittal process?

  • Central Portfolio Management
  • Real-Time Scoring
  • Direct Electricity, Gas & Water Consumption Feeds
  • Browser Based Dashboard
  • Continuous Benchmarking
  • Direct Energy Savings
  • Persistent Energy Performance & Savings
  • Higher Occupancy Trend

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