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The Sustainability & Reporting Module is one of the IBIS® Base Modules which serves as an Energy Analysis, Monitoring & Reporting tool. This module aggregates real-time and historical energy consumption/generation data from various energy sources (Electrical, Water, Gas, Solar, Fuel Cell, Wind etc..) and converts it into actionable information available to all levels of personnel. This information is output in the form of building comparison, efficiency, cost/budget, and capacity reports. Now you can seamlessly consolidate & validate all utility expense and energy generation information in one application. Would you like to eliminate the clutter of managing multiple utility bills with differing bill cycles and the headache of benchmarking buildings without normalized values? Your solution is the IBIS Sustainability Module.

  • Enterprise Sustainability Reports
  • Total Site Energy Breakdown
  • Building Analysis (DC vs. Building)
  • Excel & PDF Generation
  • Energy Distribution per Building, Sq. Ft. & Person
  • Carbon Emissions per Building, Sq. Ft. & Person
  • Energy Cost per Building, Sq. Ft. & Person
  • Drag & Drop Reports

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