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A typical Building contains many energy consuming variables which make the job of managing energy consumption and reacting to fluctuating building performance a daunting task. For this reason, the experts at IBS have developed the Building Performance Module, an IBIS Base Module included in the Low-Cost IBIS Base Package. This module serves as a building efficiency measurement tool that allows you to fine tune building operations by normalizing them for weather. With its continuous commissioning features, you can sustain your building performance for years to come. Furthermore, business continuity is at its best when Building Engineers and Energy Managers alike are identifying and responding to deviations from normal building operations. IBS has the solution that will guide you towards improved Energy Efficiency, Savings Initiatives and Building Performance.

  • On-going Building Commissioning
  • Automated Building Energy Profiling
  • Improved Building Performance & Efficiency
  • Energy Alerts & Notifications
  • Trended Building Performance
  • Validate & Monitor Energy Savings Plans
  • Historical Building Energy Comparisons
  • Real-Time & Forecasted Temperature

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