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The Building Energy Dashboard is the first of the IBIS® Base Modules which serves as the main navigational interface to the scalable IBS flagship Enterprise Energy Management System called the Intelligent Building Interface System (IBIS®). This module provides a professionally photographed building or campus (3D is Optional) and provides pre-selected key performance indicators for your Enterprise, Site, Buildings, Systems and Equipment. This module provides you with real-time data and valuable LEED Point information based on Power (Gas and Water optional) Metering sources. The KPIs are limited only to your imagination and current systems in place. How would you like to centrally navigate, monitor, manage and report on all of your Utilities, underlying systems and equipment through one intuitive interface regardless of Protocol or Vendor?

  • LEED Metering & Monitoring
  • Real-Time Electric Utility Metering
  • Energy KPI Dashboard & Distribution Pie
  • 3D Building Navigation Available
  • Trending & Analysis of all Data Points
  • Central Alarming & Notification Management
  • Weather Dashboard
  • User Management Console

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