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IBIS® stands for Intelligent Building Interface System (IBIS®). True to it's name, IBIS is a suite of software modules that form an Intelligent Enterprise Energy Management System like no other on the market today. It provides you with a browser-based console for centralized management, monitoring, reporting & analysis of all existing Energy Sources, Building Management, Controls and Monitoring Systems. IBIS becomes a vital solution to the daily and long-term challenges that Engineers, IT Management, Energy Managers and Sustainability Teams are faced with. Automation of the continuous commissioning process for building systems and equipment makes IBIS an analytical tool of efficiency benchmarking. IBIS is designed to support enterprise level systems that span across multiple devices, sites or regions yet is cost-effective enough to implement in small business environments. Furthermore, IBIS provides an intuitive environment that enables users to monitor, trend, control, report, analyze and calculate various preset and user-defined points regardless of hardware manufacturer or protocol.

IBIS is composed of the following modules:

IBIS Base Modules:
  • Building Energy Dashboard
  • Building Performance
  • Sustainability Reporting & Analysis

IBIS Optional Modules:
  • Energy Star
  • Critical Systems
  • PUE
  • Renewable Energy
  • Green Awareness Dashboard
  • Enterprise NOC
  • Space Utilization Control & Monitoring
  • Carbon Footprint
  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Demand Response Program
  • Weather Station

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